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Our Suppliers


Their free-ranged chicken comes from Whitchurch so has only travelled 16 miles.


The Old Market Hall

A fantastic mix of old and new, fresh and organic, taste and textures. Our Executive Chef visits daily to see what gems he can find for our daily specials. With its commanding clock tower, and also open to shoppers Shrewsbury Market Hall stands proud between Shoplatch and Claremont Street. Since 1965 it has been home to many traders, offering fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and poultry, fresh fish, delicatessen, books, china, antiques, collectables and contemporary arts and crafts to name a few.


Hallowdene Eggs

Hollowdene Hens is a small family farm situated in the heart of rural Shropshire. Producing and selling free range eggs from its base in Withington, Hollowdene Hens is proud to produce local, fresh eggs from happy hens that roam vast grassy fields day in day out. 


Wenlock Edge

Wenlock Edge Farm is situated in the beautiful South Shropshire hills in the Ape Dale (the valley of the bees) in the shadow of Wenlock Edge. Their bacon and hams have won widespread recognition through winning the highest accolades in the country and numerous gold awards. Their award winning sausages are described time and time again as “Proper Sausages”, a name that seems to have stuck.



Their vision is to brew beer of the very best quality, equal to any in the world. Joules believe in natural brewing, less is more.  Their beers are very very simple and use their own mineral water, they use great quality malt and hops - the best they can find.  The beers are uncomplex, uncluttered recipes and rely on Joule’s yeast for their character and their mineral water.



Salopian Brewery was founded as Snowdonia Brewery in 1994 by Brewer Martin Barry at his Pub in North Wales.  In 1995 he relocated  to Shrewsbury and renamed it Salopian (meaning of Shrewsbury). At that time it was the smallest commercial brewery in the country (not attached to a Pub) with a 2 barrel brewlength.


Heather’s Harvest

Producers of award winning homemade jams chutneys and preserves.


Baked for You by Lynn Morgan

“Baked for You” is an award-winning boutique bakery set in the heart of the Shropshire countryside near Shrewsbury. They make the best Shrewsbury biscuits we can find which we serve with all of our teas and coffees.